2022 Hull trends released

Cefor released today its comprehensive hull claims trends as of 31 December 2022.

Highlights are:

  • Claims trends continued to be benign but moderate increase reflects return to pre-pandemic activity level.
  • Record-low major claims impact. Serious fires occured but with less impact on hull costs. 
  • Container vessels
    • continued to show extraordinary value increases also on 2022 renewals but flattening out during second half year. 
    • are the only large segment with an increase in the claim cost per vessel 2020-22 and an increase in the frequency of large losses.
  • Analysis of the CO2 emission alignment against a 100% emission reduction trajectory by vessel type, age and distance sailed.

Besides standard trends for hull claims frequency, severity and vessel values, Cefor turned this year the spotlight on the following:

  • Container vessels
  • Machinery damage 
  • Inflation
  • Vessel CO2 emissions

The Cefor statistics highlight recent hull claims trends and give an overview over the Nordic marine insurance market. 

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