Review of EU Insurance Block Exemption

The European Commission has issued a questionnaire to seek the views of stakeholders on the functioning and the future of the Insurance Block Exemption Regulation (IBER).

At present, the exemption from the general prohibition on anti-competitive practices covers two types of agreements:

  1. Agreements with respect to joint compilations, joint tables and studies; and
  2. Common coverage of certain type of risks (co-insurance or co-reinsurance pools)

The IBER expires in March 2017. Stakeholders are invited  to comment on how the IBER is being used and the experience in applying it. Market developments and views on whether the regulation should be renewed, partially renewed or not renewed at all are also of interest. The IBER was last renewed in 2010.

Cefor will respond to the consultation document within the time limit 4 November. 

EC Press Release 5 August 2014