Recognition of insurance certificates

In a letter to four Nordic maritime ministries, Cefor has asked for recognition of insurance certificates from all insurers registered in EU/EEA countries pursuant to EU Directive 2009/20. Replies from the Swedish Ministry of Justice and the Danish Maritime Authority are listed below.

The insurance required under the Directive shall cover maritime claims subject to limitation under the 1996 Convention. In addition to the insurance offered by members of the International Group of P&I Clubs, it is common practice in the Nordic countries for hull insurers to also cover liability insurance for fishing vessels and small ships. Both IG Club issued certificates and certificates of entry from other Cefor members should be accepted as evidence of compliance with the Directive for both Port and Flag State purposes.

Cefor letter 11.04.2012

EU Directive 2009/20 - Insurance for maritime claims

Communiqué dated from the Swedish Ministry of Justice 2 May 2012

Letter from the Danish Maritime Directorate 29 May 2012