Cefor representatives in other bodies

  • The Standing Revision Committee of the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan 2013, Version 2023

    Sveinung Måkestad (head of delegation), Roar Sanden, Johan Kahlmeter, Hanne Rydelsborg, Ronny Hindersson, Tore Høisæther and Magne Andersen.

    Lone Scheuer Larsen, Tarja Bergvall, Anders Hovelsrud, Radmil Kranda, Jørgen Russworm, Robert Tomlinson and Tuomas Talvitie.

  • DNV

    Rolf Thore Roppestad, Ståle Hansen, Hans Christian Seim and Tony Karlström

    Nordic Committee for Safety at Sea
    Helle Hammer

  • Beredskapsordning for statlig varekrigsforsikring (BSV)

    Advisory Forum for Norwegian State War Risks Insurance of Cargo

    Finn Eriksen and Niklas Sonnenschein.

  • Maritime Forum of Norway

    The Board

    Helle Hammer 

  • Bureau Veritas

    Nordic Committee

    Helle Hammer

  • International Union of Marine Insurance - IUMI

    Jan-Hugo Marthinsen Executive Committee
    Astrid Seltmann, Vice Chair Facts and Figures Committee
    Jun Lin, Vice Chair Facts and Figures Committee
    Lone Scheuer Larsen Ocean Hull Committee
    Tore Høisæther, Vice Chair Inland hull, Fishing vessels & Yachts Committee
    Kristin Urdahl Loss Prevention Committee
    Mikkel Andersen Loss Prevention Committee
    Georg Nygaard Offshore Energy Committee
    Tim Howse Legal & Liability Committee
    Lars Rhodin Nominating Committee
    Nick Coleman Salvage Forum
    Alem Jasarevic Data & Digitalization Forum
    Ole Jørgen Eikanger Data & Digitalization Forum
    Helle Hammer, Chair Policy Forum
  • Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway

    Reference group for Solvency II reporting in Norway

    Harald Hasner

  • RINA


    Helle Hammer

  • Lillehammer Energy Claims Conference


    Jan-Hugo Marthinsen

  • Advisory Committee to the NMA on safety for fishermen

    HMS i fiskeflåten

    Tormod Mahle and Niklas Sonnenschein.