15 August 2023 Skuld: Best practices and safety considerations for nickel ore shipments
11 July 2023 Gard: Beware cargoes which may liguefy not listed in the IMSBC Code
16 December 2021 Gard: Reminder - danger of liquefaction in iron ore fines loaded in Sierra Leone
December 2021 The Swedish Club: Bauxite cargoes
October 2021 Alandia: Information on bulk cargo liquefaction
13 September 2021 Sierra Leone - Carriage of iron ore fines cargoes - liquefaction risk
- Gard
- Skuld
16 June 2021 Gard: Bauxite liquefaction risk in Guyana
14 January 2021 Gard: Bauxite - new Group A and revised Group C IMSBC Code schedules are now mandatory
28 January 2020 Gard: Do we know enough about the cargo we carry?
5 September 2019 Skuld: Nickel ore liquefaction alert
12 June 2019 Gard: Loading nickel ore in the Philippines or Indonesia
27 November 2018 Gard: New IMSBC Code requirements aim to control liquefaction of coal cargoes
2 October 2018 Skuld: Pocket guide - Bulk mineral cargo liquefaction
22 June 2018 Skuld: Nickel ore - a liquefaction risk
12 April 2018 Gard: Liquid cargo sampling
30 October 2017 Gard: Carriage of nickel ore
16 October 2017 Gard: Dynamic separation in Group A bauxite cargoes
3 October 2017 Gard: New draft test procedures and individual schedules for Group A and C bauxite
30 August 2017 Gard: Nickel ore exports resume from Indonesia - managing the liquefaction risk
21 April 2017 Gard: Philippines - inaccurate test certificates for nickel ore pose serious risk
13 March 2017 Gard: Mineral exports from Indonesia
7 October 2016 Gard: Suriago, Philippines - wet nickel ore cargoes
23 November 2015 Gard: Loading of bauxite and other cargoes thay may liquefy
21 July 2015 Gard: Surigao, Philippines - Increasing concerns about possible liquefaction of nickel ore cargoes
9 January 2015 Gard: Bulk carrier safety - bauxite cargoes
19 June 2014 Gard: Antigua and Barbuda flagged ships carrying iron ore fines
26 February 2014 Gard: Indonesia - ban on the export of unrefined mineral ore
1 January 2013 Gard: IMSBC Code amendments regarding cargoes that may liquefy
1 February 2012 Gard: Cargo liquefaction - an update
1 December 2010 Norwegian Hull Club: Carriage of Nickel Ore in bulk