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29 January 2024 Skuld: Anti-deduction clauses: Can a charterer withhold hire without the owner's consent?
4 December 2023 Gard: Limitation of liability - lessons from the MSC Flaminia
20 September 2023 The UK Electronic Trading Act comes into force
- Skuld
- Gard
1 September 2023 Nordisk: Nordic Offshore and Maritime Arbitration Association (NOMA) - an update
8 June 2023 Skuld: External Bliss - the final word on demurrage?
16 May 2023 Gard: You get what you bargain for
4 May 2023 Skuld: Hong Kong arbitration clauses
4 April 2023 Gard: A brief introduction to the High Seas Treaty
16 March 2023 Skuld: The charterer's role in a casualty
1 February 2023 Gard: The IMO's unified interpretations of the LLMC and CLC Conventions clarify the tight to limit liability
17 January 2023 Gard: Charting the 2023 maritime regulatory landscape
11 January 2023 Gard: The Inter-Club Agreement after 50 years - does experience mirror intent?
8 December 2022 Nordisk: Do you think your Norwegian arbitration is confidential?
8 December 2022 Nordisk: MT Stena Primorsk - CM P-Max III Ltd v Petroleos del Norte PA
11 October 2022 Chinese Personal Information Protection Law (PPIL):
- Gard
8 September 2022 Gard: USS Fitzgerald and ACX Crystal collision: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals dlineates the rach of personal jurisdiction
25 August 2022 Gard: Mediation: Is there an art to the deal?
27 May 2022 Nordisk: Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration Rules - 4th edition - snapshot of changes
14 December 2021 Gard: The SCMA polishes its rules to make Singapore arbitration more user-friendly
7 December 2021 Gard: End of sea passage for CMA CGM Libra - UK Supreme Court upholds lower courts' decision
28 October 2021 Nordisk: Norwegian Saleform 2012 - Damages payable fro breach of obligation to sign the MDA
28 October 2021 Nordisk: Hot topics in hot markets
June 2021 Nordisk: Innominate terms and termination
27 May 2021 Skuld: Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards in Mainland China
April 2021 Nordisk: NOMA introduces new fast track arbitration rules
22 April 2021 Gard: Broad foreign arbitration clauses are enforceable in the US
25 March 2021 Skuld: Implied indemnities 3 - Charterers' obligation to employ competent stevedores
18 March 2021 Skuld: Implied indemnities 2 - As presented
11 March 2021 Skuld: Implied indemnities - Unsafe ports
25 February 2021 Skuld: Pakistan: Shortage claims
25 February 2021 Gard: Evergreen winds landmark collision case in UK's Supreme Court
21 December 2020 Skuld: Possession order in light of the Magacore Honami
17 December 2020 Skuld: Indian law: Personal injury/disability claims
30 November 2020 Gard: Contractual allocation of risk for drug smuggling in commercial shipping
19 November 2020 Gard: Careful drafting of LOI invocation clauses in charterparties avoids later surprises
12 November 2020 Skuld: Rule B and pre-recognition remedies in maritime arbitration
5 October 2020 Skuld: Early redelivery under the CP
11 September 2020 Skuld: Claiming damages in addition to demurrage following delay
31 August 2020 Gard: Indian Supreme Court: Ports are not entitled to levy storage/demurrage charges for abandoned cargo against shipowners and agents
27 April 2020 Gard: Athos 1 - an insider's perspective
2 April 2020 Gard: Charterparty chain reaction: The recent US Supreme Court decision in 'the Athos 1' case
23 March 2020 Gard: Fishery claims in South Korean waters
7 January 2020 Gard: Chartering the 2020 maritime regulatory landscape
31 October 2019 Skuld: Enforceability of LOIs - a practical guide
4 September 2019 Nordisk: Singapore Convention on mediation
August 2019 The Swedish Club: FD&D claims guidance
5 August 2019 Skuld: Force Majeure - Court of Appeal clarification
31 July 2019 Gard: Notice of readiness and the commencement of laytime
25 June 2019 Skuld: US Supreme Court ruling on punitive damages
19 June 2019 Skuld: Switch bills of lading
17 June 2019 Skuld: Anti-technicality notices: a charterers' perspective
15 February 2019 Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) - Germany:
- The Swedish Club
12 February 2019 Skuld: The "Pacific Voyager" Court of Appeal decision
11 January 2019 Skuld: Notice of arbitration - sender beware
10 January 2019 Gard: Charting the 2019 maritime regulatory landscape
12 October 2018 Gard: Loss of anchors in Singapore waters
October 2018 Gard: New charterparty clause promoting the use of the Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange Agreement 1996, as amended September 2011
30 August 2018 Gard: Incorporation of 2011 Inter-Club Agreement in charterparties
10 July 2018 Gard: Norwegian Supreme Court strikes a blow against forum shopping in direct action
18 June 2018 Nordisk: Offshore construction contracts "fit for purpose" and other potential onerous warranties
February 2018 Gard: Implementation EU General Data Protection Regulation
15 February 2018 Skuld: Joint insurance - why shoul you care? Ocean Victory judgement
February 2018 Liability for uninsured MLC liabilities
- Skuld
29 November 2017 Gard: US vessel owners cannot contract out of liability under OPA90 for oil spill clean-up & compensation
20 November 2017 Skuld: Weather working days
9 November 2017 Gard: Hong Kong increases limits of liability for maritime claims
23 October 2017 Skuld: The "Pacific Voyager" - English High Court decision on the shipowner's obligation to get the vessel to the loadport
23 August 2017 Gard: Mediation (US & UK): Is there an art to the deal?
11 August 2017 The Swedish Club: Greek law memo on crew & passenger claims
27 July 2017 Gard: Conflict and compromise - maritime dispute resolution
5 July 2017 Nordisk:
New LMAA Terms 2017
- The new Supplytime 2017
- "The New Flamenco" case: Change of capital value of a ship and loss of profit under time charter
16 May 2017 Gard: Ocean Victory - appeal to English Supreme Court decided
3 April 2017 Skuld: Beware of the Yangtze: Charterers don't be tardy
29 March 2017 Gard: The saga of the Server
21 February 2017 Gard: The Chinese Supreme Court clarifies and simplifies countersecurity requirements
4 January 2017 Skuld: Comparison of Hong Kong and London arbitration
15 December 2016 Alandia: Financial security requirements under the MLC 2006, as amended
17 November 2016 Nordisk: Payment of hire is not a condition
7 October 2016 The Swedish Club: Maritime Labour Convention - financial requirements
26 September 2016 Gard: A question of authority in Singapore
30 August 2016 Gard: Compliance with anti-corruption legislation
15 July 2016 Gard: US marine casualty reporting
8 July 2016 Gard: Keeping pace with maritime regulatory changes
1 July 2016 Nordisk: The Global Santosh: Off-hire, arrest and the limits of agency
22 June 2016 The Swedish Club: Update on the Maritime Labour Convention
13 May 2016 Gard: OW Bunker - English Supreme Court upholds previous decision that ING can recover payment from shipowners
4 May 2016 The Swedish Club: Draft chaterparty clause promoting the use of the Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange Agreement 1996
9 February 2016 Gard: Nigeria - developments on Letter of Comfort wording and charterer's LOIs
2015 Alandia:
Charterers' liability for damage to hull
- LLMC - Increases in the shipowner's liability limits
- Wreck Removal Convention enters into force 14 April 2015
13 November 2015 Gard: South African court orders return of Club LOU
23 October 2015 Gard: OW Bunker - Court of Appeal also rejects vessel owner's arguments
16 October 2015 Gard: UAE courts permit enforcement of London arbitration award
14 October 2015 Gard: Hong Kong: Personal injury settlements for mentally incapacitated seafarers
5 October 2015 Gard: Nigeria - charterers request Letters of Comfort
2 October 2015 Gard: Australia allows ship arrest for a foreign maritime lien
18 September 2015 Gard: Possible lifting of Nigerian ban of crude oil tankers
4 September 2015 Gard: Philippines - transit charges for vessels sailing through Zambales water
21 August 2015 Gard: "ALAS" - Hong Kong Court of Appeal allows arrest to enforce an award
14 August 2015 Gard: Shipowner agrees to pay USD 15.4 million to settle spill of molasses with the state of Hawaii
7 August 2015 Gard: Korean shipping claims can now be heard in London arbitration
24 July 2015

Nigeria ban 113 crude oil tankers
- Iron ore shortage claims in China

17 July 2015 Gard: New EU carbon dioxide regulations from 1 January 2018
15 July 2015 Gard: OW Bunker - Court of Appeal gives vessel owners a further chance on appeal
25 June 2015 Gard: Hong Kong introduces higher liability limits
19 June 2015 Gard: A question of authority...signing the dotted line
20 May 2015 Gard: Increase in liability limits
7 May 2015 Gard: Changes to Mexican Navigation and Maritime Commerce Law
14 April 2015 Gard: Nairobi Convention on the removal of wrecks
29 March 2015 Gard: Warranty claims in shipbuilding contracts
25 March 2015 Gard: Singapore - arrest on basis of anticipatory breach lawful
6 March 2015 Gard: China's Supreme Court issues new judicial interpetation on ship arrest and judicial sale of ships
23 January 2015 Gard: Q&A: Chinese income tax on foreign transportation companies
16 January 2015 Gard: New Singapore International Commercial Court
2014 Alandia: Shipowners liability in respect of crew under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006
14 December 2014 Gard: Marine casualties in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore - which regime?
14 November 2014 Gard: Is it paramount for a charterparty to include a Paramount Clause?
12 November 2014 Gard: OW Bunker declared bankrupt
31 October 2014 Gard: Availability of punitive damages in the US for seamen or their survivors
25 September 2014 Gard: South Africa - new obstacle to writ searches
24 September 2014 Gard: Charterparty clauses dealing with risks from Ebola and other diseases at port of call
19 September 2014 Gard: Choice of law and jurisdiction in hull and machinery insurance contracts
8 July 2014 Gard: Increased limits of liability enter into force in 2015
20 June 2014 Gard: Mexican Supreme Court hands down a surprise ruling in limitation action
28 May 2014 Gard: US: Champetry and the rise of litigation finance
29 April 2014 Gard: The US Supreme Court rules on "What is a vessel"
24 April 2014 Gard: Athens Protocol 2002 in a nutshell
8 April 2014 Gard: Jackson Reforms - Changes to English Civil Procedure Rules
17 March 2014 Gard: French Government rethinks its oil pollution legislation post-Erika
10 March 2014 Gard: Limitation fund can be constituted by Club Letter of Undertaking
26 February 2014 Gard:
Australia: Voyage charterparties are not sea carriage documents
- Shipowners' responsibility for cargo operations
- The importance of Paramount Clauses
5 March 2014 Gard: Punitive damages for unseaworthiness claims in the USA
2013 Alandia: Information on the Athens Convention
18 July 2013 Gard: Germany introduces new maritime law
17 July 2013 Gard:
Creditor v. liquidator - The conflict between the enforcement of maritime claims and cross-border insolvency procedures
Limitation of liability for pollution clean-up costs in China
- Judicial interpretation of unsafe ports/berth clauses in US and English law
- US Law - Application of Lone Pine Order to mass tort claims following collision
- US law - Criminal responsibility under strict liability laws
17 April 2013 Gard:
Death and personal injury claims in China - New legislative development
- Limitation of liability upheld by French courts
- The Jackson reforms
16 April 2013 Gard: Limitation of liability in Italy
16 January 2013 Gard: Crew claims in the Philippines - When the contract is not enough
  English law - Early re-delivery under a time charter
  English law - The RETLA rust case
25 October 2012 Gard:
A brief update on the Maritime Labour Convention 2006
- Athens Convention - rough seas ahead for operators of passenger ships
24 October 2012 Gard:
Arbitration in China - CIFTAC
 - China - charterparty performance guarantees
Discovery in aid of foreign arbitrations in the US -   new interpretation
Intervention of Indian courts in foreign arbitrations
12 July 2012 Gard:
Enforcement of Chinese and Hong Kong arbitration awards in India
New Greek marine pollution legislation
- IMO raises limits of liability under 1996 Protocol to 1976 MLC
- US law - Customary freight unit
1 May 2012 Gard:
Australia toughens pollution laws
English law - Deck carriage and the Hague-Visby Rules
- NYPE Inter-Club Agreement - English court decision on time bar issue
1 February 2012 Gard:
Amendments to IMSBC Code come into force 1st January 2013
- English law and the title to sue under a bill of lading
9 November 2011 Gard: 
Charterers' pollution liability in Brazil
- New pollution regulations in China - FAQs
- Unauthorized issuance of bills of lading in the US - who is deemed a COGSA carrier?
- US law - Proximate cause and the Jones Act