25 February 2021

Gard: California Gold Rush? State law increases monterary fines in marine oil pollution cases

22 February 2021

Gard: 2021 measures to protect North Atlantic right whales

5 November 2020

Gard: California clamps down on air pullution from ships at berth

29 October 2020

Gard: Company and employee rights during a U.S. Coast Guard MARPOL investigation

13 October 2020

Gard: US EPA proposes new vessel discharge standards

9 October 2020

USA: Oil Pollution California - Increased criminal penalties for oil spill related offences
- Skuld
- Gard

27 August 2020 Ghana: MARPOL Annex IV violations pertaining to discharge of wastewater
7 August 2020 China: Revised law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution from solid wastes
- Gard
30 June 2020 Gard: Be prepared to document carbon emissions during PSC inspections
30 March 2020 Gard: Slow down for right whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada
21 February 2020 Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of marine pollution from ships
- Skuld
- Gard
20 January 2020 The Swedish Club: Guidelines for supervision and management of air pollutant emissions from ships - China 
8 January 2020 Skuld: Turkey: Pollution fines and criminal proceedings 2020
5 December 2019 Gard: Kuwait joins India in ban og single-use plastic onboard ships
19 November 2019 Gard: The Ocean Cleanup takes on polluted rivers - meet the Interceptor
24 October 2019 Gard: India bans single-use plastic onboard ships
12 July 2019 Gard: Canada further strengthens measures to protect whales in Gulf of St. Lawrence
1 July 2019 Gard: Slow down for whales in Gulf of St. Lawrence
21 February 2019 Gard: Report your presence and slow down for whales
29 January 2019 Skuld: Turkey: Pollution fines and criminal proceedings
11 December 2018 Gard: US EPA dealys introduction of new VGP requirements until March 2019
15 November 2018 Gard: California provides clarity on its biofouling regulations
23 October 2018 Gard: MARPOL compliance and distance from the nearest land
28 June 2018 Gard: California incentivises ships that slow down
13 March 2018 Gard: China implements stricter control on the import of waste
28 February 2018 Gard: Garbage disposal and handling of residues from solid bulk cargoes
22 February 2018 Skuld: EU Monitoring, Reporting & Verifying (MRV) Regulation
5 February 2018 Skuld: Amendments to MARPOL Annex V entering into force 1 March 2018
18 January 2018 Gard: California's Marine Invasive Species program
22 December 2017 OSRO coverage in Hawaii, Claifornia abd Great Lakes/Mississippi river system
20 December 2017 Honduras - oil spill response - new requirements
25 October 2017 Gard: Biofouling moves up the regulatory agenda
17 August 2017 Gard: Canada, Gulf of St. Lawrence - slow down to protect whales
13 June 2017 Gard: MARPOL Annex V - banning the discharge of plastic and garbage from ships
May 2017 The Swedish Club: Update on French environmental law
15 March 2017 Gard: US Coast Guard provides additional 'post type-approval' guidance to ballast water regulations
13 January 2017 Gard: International Convention for the control and management of ships' ballast water and sediments, 2004 and US BWM regulations
22 December 2016 Gard: Chinese ECA reminder
9 December 2016 Gard: US ballast water management extension program update
6 December 2016 Gard: California's at-berth emission requirements toughens
9 August 2016 The Swedish Club: US Vessel Response Plan - Alaska and Oregon update
14 July 2016 Gard: US ballast water management program update
20 June 2016 Gard: Prepare to manage ballast water
6 May 2016 Gard: MEPC 69 on discharge of harmful cargo hold wash water
29 January 2016 Gard: New Zealand - management of antifouling risk
21 January 2016 Gard: MARPOL Annex V - discharge of harmful cargo hold wash water
20 January 2016 Gard: Special ballast water exchange requirements in Iranian ports
15 January 2016 Gard: Turkey gets tougher on pollution fines
6 January 2016 Gard: US Vessel Response Plans - 1-Call Alaska Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) expanded
2 December 2015 Gard: Raising the roof - OPA 90 limitation amount increased again
25 November 2015 Gard: Bohai Sea, China - fines for discharge of pollutant
4 September 2015 Gard: Philippines - transit charges for vessels sailing through Zambales waters
14 August 2015 Gard: Shipowner agrees to pay USD 15.4 million to settle spill of molasses with the state of Hawaii
17 July 2015 Gard: New EU carbon dioxide regulations from 1 January 2018
7 May 2015 Gard: Changes to Mexican Navigation and Maritime Commerce Law
22 January 2015 Gard: US penalty policy for ECA violations
17 October 2014 Gard: Minimising vessel grounding damage to coral habitats
9 September 2014 Gard: Marine oil spills in the US - planning, response, and consequences - a visual understanding of the overall system
23 July 2014 Gard: Canada - oil spill response arrangements
8 July 2014 Gard: US non-tank vessel response plasn (NTVRPs)
17 March 2014 Gard: French Government rethinks its oil pollution legislation post-Erika
17 July 2013 Gard: Update on the US Vessel General Pmerit programme
17 April 2013 Gard: Increased use of remote marine pollution sensors
12 July 2012 Gard: New Greek marine pollution legislation
1 May 2012 Gard: 
Australia toughens pollution laws
US government makes reimbursements in major oil pollution cases
9 November 2011 Gard: 
Charterers' pollution liability in Brazil
New pollution regulation in China - FAQs
US court holds smoke abatement laws inapplicable to ships