15 February 2024 Gard: High waves, high claims: New study on container losses
2 March 2023 Gard: MARIN TopTier - investigation the casues of stack collapse and container losses at sea
October 2022 The Swedish Club: Container focus - Refrigerated cargo analysis
10 August 2022 Roll risk estimator for container vessels - MARIN TopTier Project
- Gard
- Skuld
31 January 2022 Parametric rolling - Top Tier report
- The Swedish Club
- Gard
7 October 2021 Gard: Container shipping: Winter is coming
5 October 2021 Gard: Carriage of containers on bulk carriers
19 August 2021 The Swedish Club: Carriage of containers on non-cellular ships
18 August 2021 Gard: Fires in containers caused by Seed Cake
8 April 2021 The Swedish Club: MSS case: Misdeclared container caused fire
26 February 2021 The Swedish Club: Container focus 2020
8 February 2021 Gard: What happens to containers lost at overboard?
3 November 2020 Gard: Containership fires - keeping up the pressure for change
29 September 2020 The Swedish Club: Container focus: Preventing the loss of containers at sea
22 June 2020 Updated industry guidelines on the carriage of seed cake in containers:
- Gard
15 June 2020 Gard: Why do containership stacks collapse and who is liable?
22/30 January 2020 Gard: Carriage of seed cake in containers
Skuld: Guidelines for the carriage of seed cake in containers
4 December 2019 Gard: How tight should container lashings be?
2 December 2019 The Swedish Club: CINS guidance on stowage of dangerous goods on board container vessels
28 November 2019 Gard: How high and heavy can you go?
27 November 2019 Gard: New CINS safety guidance for stowage of dangerous goods on containerships
31 October 2019 Gard: Container ship fires: Gard conference promotes the value of industry collaboration
12 April 2019 Gard: Case study - loss of containers and hatch cover
17 March 2017 Cefor Technical Forum: Memo 5 - Ultra Large Container Vessels
January 2016 Gard: Guidance on Freight Containers
3 July 2015 Gard: Cause and prevention of container loss at sea
4 June 2015 Gard: Bigger consequences for container loss at sea