16 December 2020 Gard: Loading soya beans in Brazil
3 August 2020 Skuld: Inter-Club Agreement - validity of written notification
24 July 2020 Gard: The importance of manifold and first foot samples at load ports
23 July 2020 Gard: An expert's view on the carriage of soya beans cargo from Brazil to China
22 June 2020 Updated industry guidelines on the carriage of seed cake in containers:
- Skuld
- Gard
- The Swedish Club
12 June 2020 Gard: Crude and water
4 February 2020 Gard: Ventilation records - a defence against expensive cargo claims
30 January 2020 Skuld: Guidelines for the carriage of seed cake in containers
9 October 2019 Skuld: Sampling of liquid cargoes
20 August 2019 Gard: Can cargo vapours contaminate the full cargo parcel?
2 May 2019 Skuld: Wood pellets and risk of fire
27 March 2019 Gard: Volcafe: the UK Supreme Court rules on the burden of proof in cargo claims
15 February 2019 Gard: Misdelivery of coal shipments in India
11 January 2019 Skuld: Carriage of Divinylbenzene (DVB) in containers
26 July 2018 Skuld: West Africa - Cargo fines
3 May 2018 The Swedish Club: Wet damage on bulk carriers
12 April 2018 Gard: Liquid cargo sampling
21 March 2018 Gard: Tackling cargo misdeclaration - a first line of defence against container fires
8 March 2018 Skuld: Crude and water - Far East discharge ports - a case study
15 January 2018 Guidelines for the carriage of Calcium Hypochloride in Containers
- The Swedish Club
27 November 2017 Gard: Bulk cargoes to/from Argentina
3 November 2017 Gard: Carriage of hides and skins in containers
October 2017 The Swedish Club: Fire! A guide to the causes and prevention of cargo fires
11 October 2017 Skuld: Guidelines for the carriage of charcoal and carbon in containers
September 2017 Alandia: Guidelines - damage to steel cargo
26 September 2017 Gard: The impact of extreme weather on contracts of carriage
8 August 2017 Gard: Guidelines on carrying cargo in non-operating reefer containers
12 July 2017 Gard: Soya bean claims due to self-heating on the rise in China
May 2017 The Swedish Club: Dealing with the issue of ship shore discrepancies
21 April 2017 Skuld: Brazil & Argentina: Soybeans with high moisture content
6 January 2017 Gard: Carriage of palm kernel shells
26 October 2016 Gard: Heat damage in soya bean cargoes - the importance of inspections
29 September 2016 Gard: Egypt reinstates the 0.05 per cent tolerance level for ergot in wheat
14 September 2016 Gard: Egypt enforces zero-tolerance for ergot in wheat
11 July 2016 Gard: Shortages of bulk cargo in Vietnamese ports
30 June 2016 Gard: Carriage of castor metal
27 April 2016 Gard: Loading a packed container without a verified weight to be a violation of SOLAS
4 March 2016 Gard: Guidance on Freight Containers
12 February 2016 Gard: Transport of coiled materials in containers
3 February 2016 Gard: Wave of DDGS discoloration claims in China
29 January 2016 Gard: Brazil - new regulations covering wood packing material
26 January 2016 Gard: Panama Canal - deck cooling during transit
9 November 2015 Gard: Loading of coal cargoes
14 September 2015 Gard: Fire risk associated with Charcoal loaded at Walvis Bay, Namibia
24 July 2015 Gard: Iron ore shortage claims in China
27 March 2015 Gard: Third party requests for verification of bills of lading and other shipping documents
4 June 2014 Gard: Organically grown food cargoes carried in bulk
15 April 2014 Gard: Guidance: SOLAS prohibition of the blending of liqid bulk cargoes and production processes during sea voyages
26 February 2014 Gard: 
Blending of bulk liquid cargoes prohibited
Shipowners' responsibility for cargo operations
2013 Alandia: Guidelines - damage to cargo
16 April 2013 Gard: Paper loss claims in Tunisia and Algeria
2013 The Swedish Club: Wet damage to cargo
8 November 2011 Gard: Fumigation of cargo on board ships: the invisible killer