Here you can download all of our Annual Reports.

  • Annual Report 2019

    The Cefor Annual Report contains an update on the Cefor market and its activities in 2019 and on the ocean and coastal hull trends. Special focus articles highlight the fire challenge, claims...

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  • Annual Report 2018

    The Cefor Annual Report contains an update on the Cefor market and its activities in 2018, and on the ocean and coastal hull trends. A focus article highlights the crucial role of detentions as...

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  • Annual Report 2017

    In addition to marine hull claims trends, market overview and summary of the reporting year, the Annual Report features articles on the reactivation of mobile offshore units from the perspective of...

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  • Annual Report 2016

    Claims in hibernation

    2016 enters history as the year with a complete absence of claims above USD 30 million for the first time in ten years and a record low number of claims above USD 5 million. In addition to marine...

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  • Annual Report 2015

    More total losses

    After the extraordinary absence of major losses in 2014, in 2015 there were thirteen losses above USD 10 million. Seven of these were total losses. Falling insured values increase the probability o...

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  • Annual report 2014

    Hull claims in calmer seas

    The main feature in 2014 was the substantially reduced cost of ocean hull claims in excess of USD 5 million. The total loss frequency is almost record low, and the overall claims frequency despite...

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  • Annual report 2013

    Expensive losses = expensive claims

    Are costly exceptions the new normal? The favourable post financial-crisis trend has continued, with some costly exceptions. In 2012, the exception was a surge in total losses of high-value vessels...

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  • Annual report 2012

    The year of the titans

    After three relatively good years, 2012 brought hull underwriters back to heavy losses. Do underwriters need to recalibrate their perception of risk? Cefor Annual Report 2012 Press Release

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  • Annual report 2011

    Calm before the storm...?

    2011 concludes a 3-year period of relative benign claim frequencies and severity, following the costly 3-year period from 2006 to 2008. Cefor Annual Report 2011 Press release  

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  • Annual report 2010

    Relative stability after a turbulent period

    After a period of growth and sudden decline in the world economy as well as the shipping sector, we now appear to have entered into more stable conditions. Cefor Annual Report 2010

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  • Annual report 2009

    The year that changes everything?

    Claims costs continue at high levels despite financial crisis and economic recession. Cefor Annual Report 2009 Press release

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  • Annual report 2008

    Increased repair costs and frequency of marine claims. Cefor Annual Report 2008 Press release

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  • Annual report 2007


    Cefor Annual Report 2007

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  • Annual report 2006

    The changing picture of risk

    Cefor Annual Report 2006

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  • Annual report 2005


    Cefor Annual Report 2005

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  • Annual report 2004

    Thought leadership based on insight

    Cefor Annual Report 2004

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  • Annual report 2003

    A global player

    Cefor Annual Report 2003

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  • Annual report 2002

    full service concept

    Cefor Annual Report 2002

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  • Annual report 2001

    Cefor Annual Report 2001

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  • Annual report 2000

    Cefor Annual Report 2000

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  • Annual report 1999

    Cefor Annual Report 1999

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  • Annual report 1998

    Cefor Annual Report 1998

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