Webcast: Version 2016 amendments to the Nordic Plan

Cefor, the Nordic shipowners' associations and the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law hosted a seminar introducing the 2016 amendments to the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan on 8 October 2015. Webcast of the seminar is available for on demand viewing.


View a run-through of all relevant new and amended clauses, presented by the two Chairpersons of the Plan's Standing Revision Committee and the Secretary from the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law: Prof. LLD Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen, Prof. Emeritus Hans Jacob Bull & PhD Research Fellow Kaja de Vibe Malling, and Frode Berg of Willis.

To explain the practical implications and reasoning behind some of the more substantial amendments, Nordic representatives from Cefor, shipowners, brokers and average adjusters deliberate through expert panels.


Webcast fee: NOK 250

Webcast registration - credit card payment


Version 2016

The new version of the Nordic Plan is available on the Nordic Plan website and as an App for smartphones and tablets.