Annual Maritime Casualty Seminar: presentation slides (Part 1) and (Part 2) are published

Cefor Claims Forum presents the Annual Maritime Casualty Seminar, a series of two practical webinars about handling of maritime casualties.

The webinar presentation slides (Part 1) and (Part 2)

The presentations will be held in English and will not be recorded. This seminar is organized for the marine insurance market (only for Cefor members as well as brokers). If you would like to receive the invitation link, please contact Also, please feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues who might be interested in the topic. 

The seminar (each webinar) will count towards the requirements under the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) and will comprise of 1.5 teaching hours of continuing professional development (CPD) training in the field of marine and insurance law.


Part I (10 May 2023) - handling of maritime casualties and interface between P&I and H&M insurance (Herman Steen, partner at Wikborg Rein (Oslo))

The presentation will look at the handling of different types of marine and offshore casualties, including collisions, groundings, salvage and wreck removal. Examples will be used to illustrate the practical handling of casualties. The talk will address how P&I and H&M insurances respond to different aspects of casualties, including collisions and third party damagecaused by the vesseland its equipment, as well as salvage and the transition to wreck removal stage. 

Part II (13 June 2023) - salvage and wreck removal (Herman Steen, partner at Wikborg Rein (Oslo) and Nina Hanevold -Sandvik, Vice President, Casualty and Major Claims at Skuld.

This presentation will look closer at salvage and wreck removal. It will consider the 1989 Salvage Convention, Lloyds Open Form, SCOPIC, commercial salvage contracts, tender processes in wreck removal(s), choice between different standard form wreck removal contracts, etc. Practical examples will be used throughout to illustrate both operational and legal challenges.