Clause 15: Bottom Treatment

Clause 15: Bottom Treatment

 “In no case shall a claim be allowed in respect of scraping gritblasting and/or other surface preparation or painting of the Vessel’s bottom except that

15.1     gritblasting and/or other surface preparation of new bottom plates ashore and supplying and applying any “shop” primer thereto

15.2     gritblasting and/or other surface preparation of:

The butts or area of plating immediately adjacent to any renewed or refitted plating damaged during the course of welding and/or repairs, areas of plating damages during the course of fairing, either in place or ashore,

15.3     supplying and applying the first coat of primer/anti-corrosive to those particular areas mentioned in 15.1 and 15.2 above,

Shall be allowed as part of the reasonable cost of repairs in respect of bottom plating damaged by an insured peril.”


If the vessel`s bottom has been damaged by an insured peril, the clause lists circumstances under which surface preparation or bottom painting are allowed as reasonable cost of repairs.

The gritblasting and/or other surface preparation and the painting of all other areas of the bottom, is excluded by the clause.



Bottom treatment is not specifically dealt with in the Plan, and therefore, the general principlesof NMIP Cl. 12-1 will apply, meaning that bottom treatment necessitated by a recoverable damage will be covered to the extent required to restore the vessel to the same condition it was prior to the casualty.

In practice this will mean that the cover provided for in the Plan is considerably wider than the ITCH cover, as the costs of all gritblasting, priming and antifouling in a damaged area will be covered, unless such antifouling etc were “worn out” and required to be renewed/repainted irrespective of the casualty, ref also Cl. 12-3.


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