• Disastrous fifth-year consecutive loss to jack marine insurance premium

    Managing director Tore Forsmo is calling for marine insurers to initiate premium increases of at least 25%-35% per year for the next two years to combat previous negative trends in the global marine insurance industry and cover large 4th quarter 2002 losses. Read whole press release ! Read More
  • 1st CEFOR Engine Claims Forum 07.11.2002

    With engine claims constituting 36% of hull insurance claims in number and 24% in cost, the CEFOR statistics forum took the initiative to gather member's claims managers and representatives from two major engine producers and Det Norske Veritas on the 7.11. in Oslo to discuss Engine failures at a... Read More
  • IUMI 2002 New York

    Report on Marine Insurance Premiums 2000 and 2001 As presented at the IUMI conference in New York on 18.09.2002: Global Premium Presentation 2002 Read More
  • Key market showing marine insurance rebound...

    Sustainability paying off - Norway continue marine growth Norwegian marine underwriters are back on track according to new figures released today by CEFOR. Results for hull & machinery insurance show a significant premium increase from 2000 to 2001 amidst a reduction in the number of vessels... Read More
  • Download CEFOR Insurance Conditions!

    Various insurance conditions and clauses relating to hull, cargo and offshore rigs are now available for free download from our new "Insurance Conditions" section (click "Insurance conditions" on the left hand side). New clauses and conditions will be added when available.

    Read More
  • IUMI 2001 Genova

    Report on Marine Insurance Premiums 1999 and 2000 As presented at the IUMI conference in Genova on 19.09.2001: Global Premium Presentation 2001 Read More
  • Premiums on the rise - Shipowners to expect substantial increases

    Norway's "Central Union of Marine Underwriters" (CEFOR) released new figures today indicating that results for hull&machinery insurance are improving. However, although better than estimated last year, results are still far from acceptable as loss ratios for 1998 to 2002 are still predicted to... Read More

    The conditions for hull insurance of mobile offshore units, the CEFOR Rig Forms, were introduced to the marked in October 1994. The main set of conditions was CEFOR Rig Form No. 1 for Hull Insurance. In addition, four supplementary covers were issued, CEFOR Rig Form No. 2-5. CEFOR Rig Form No. 1... Read More
  • IUMI report on Marine Insurance Premiums 1998 and 1999

    Download: Original IUMI 2000 Pres View Global Premium Report updated per 12th October 2000 including Japan premium volume: Update Global Premium Report Read More
  • Global Marine Insurance Markets Loses US$ billion in 1999

    Read complete press release

    Read More
  • IUMI Report on Marine Insurance Premium 1997

    Access the report

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  • CEFOR launches crusade to reduce machinery claims

    Machinery incidents are the single most costly claims category for marine underwriters. In the period 1985 to 1997, Norwegian marine underwriters have paid out a total of USD 650 million in machinery claims. There is little evidence seen of improvements and CEFOR calls on classification societies... Read More
  • Time to get some brains back in the business - Marine underwriters on their way to the Wizard of Oz?

    - Severe losses is no longer a possible feared consequence of the weak insurance market but an occurred fact in all markets, says Tore Forsmo, managing director of Norway's Central Union of Marine Underwriters (CEFOR). - Come 1999, the logical consequence will be to pull out or increase premiums ... Read More

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