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  • Annual Report 2015

    Annual Report 2015

    More total losses

    After the extraordinary absence of major losses in 2014, in 2015 there were thirteen losses above USD 10 million. Seven of these were total losses. Falling insured values increase the probability of constructive total losses. In particular, the values of offshore supply vessels plummet. 
    A special section of the report compares the claims frequency of tanker, bulk and container vessels built in Asia from 2007 by country of build.    

    Cefor Annual Report 2015

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  • Annual Report 2014

    Annual Report 2014

    Hull claims in calmer seas

    The main feature in 2014 was the substantially reduced cost of ocean hull claims in excess of USD 5 million. The total loss frequency is almost record low, and the overall claims frequency despite some increase from 2013 at a long-term low - with the worrying exception of fires on passenger and car/RoRo vessels.    

    Cefor Annual Report 2014

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  • Annual Report 2013

    Annual Report 2013

    Expensive losses = expensive claims

    Are costly exceptions the new normal? The favourable post financial-crisis trend has continued, with some costly exceptions. In 2012, the exception was a surge in total losses of high-value vessels. In 2013, the exception are the first two partial losses exceeding USD 60 million.  

    Cefor Annual Report 2013

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